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A handful of cultural enthusiasts established The Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing Association of Toronto/Mississauga area, Ontario, Canada in 2004.

 We, the Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing Association promote and foster traditional dances and music of Serbia and related performing arts within Canadian Multiculturalism.

Our members, numbering over 450 participants, are divided into seven ensembles and one orchestra of twenty musicians. Our youngest ensemble is at a primary age, while others are grouped by age and ability. We have two representative ensembles at high school/university levels as well as our recreational ensemble, which has no age limit.

Our competent and professional staff consists of a master choreographer/teacher, six dance instructors, vocal and instrumental instructors, and a music arranger.

The Academy’s Music director is Mr. Dusan Suvajac; and the Academy’s Artistic Director is Mr. Miroslav Bata Marcetic.

When we travel abroad, we proudly represent Canada; when at home, we proudly bring the Serbian flavour into the fine multicultural character of Canada. For that, we are known as: the “Pride of Canada – Soul of Serbia”.

Our Team

Miroslav Bata Marcetic

Oversees Academy’s artistic operations, develops authentic choreographies from ethnographic material, teaches folk dancing to students and dance instructors, holds international workshops and seminars, creates and co-ordinates shows and concerts. Click on BIOGRAPHY to find more about his work.

Dušan Suvajac

Muzički direktor
Music Director

Marijana Đumić

Umetnički rukovodioc
Dance Instructor

Neven Mikač

Umetnički rukovodioc
Dance Instructor

Sonja Crnomarković

Vokalni pedagog
Vocal Coach

Željko Lukić


Nina Knežević

Umetnički Rukovodioc
Dance Instructor

Milana Puvaca

Umetnički Rukovodioc
Dance Instructor



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