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Dusan Suvajac


Academy Folk Band Director, Instrumental and Vocal Instructor

Writes music arrangements, directs Academy's folk band and provides instrumental and vocal instruction.


Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing FOLK BAND offers instrumentalists an opportunity to practice and perform in a positive environment while promoting Serbian Folk music at the highest level.

Academy’s folk band consists of instrumentalists from various backgrounds such as a music arranger, architect, teacher, an actual musician, an accountant, a computer analyst and a number of students that simply love to play Serbian folk music.

Music arrangements are created to fulfill the needs of our master choreographer, dancers’ abilities, while individual music parts are tailored to the ability of our instrumentalists. In the end we have an excellent folk band second to none in North America.

We welcome, at any time, new volunteer musicians who would love to play with a serous, well organized group. If you read music, have four or more years experience on any of the following instruments: violin, cello, double bass (upright bass), oboe, flute, tamburice, accordion, frula, saxophone, guitar, tapan, and percussion, please give us a call at 416-877-7750.

We practice every Wednesday 7:30 pm -9:30 pm.


In order to be able to present faithfully diversity of Serbian folk music, all of our dancers receive vocal training.

Academy’s Music Director, Dusan Suvajac, is a music coach par excellence, whose last thirty years of his adult life have been dedicated to publicizing and promoting Serbian folk music.

Vocal exercises consist of ear training, coordination between the ear and the larynx, proper breathing technique, vocal production, and singing in Serbian language. As songs and dances in our repertoire are collected from various Serbian regions, attention is focused on musical styles, dialect and delivery.

Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing is proud to have so many enthusiastic students that have learned to love to sing.

Mi sviramo i pevamo srcem