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DEC 2006 - Marcetic Troupe Performs in St. Petersburg

Marcetic Troupe Performs in St. Petersburg

by Terry Abrahams

As you know, Miroslav “Bata” Marcetic and his troupe gave a Serbian dance performance on November 3 at the Palladium Theatre in St. Petersburg. Thirty-five Florida dancers and spousim ("im" is plural in Hebrew - this is a word I made up, meaning many spouses) were in attendance and the performers were TERRIFIC! Before the show Bata came into the audience and found us, giving big hugs and smiles to us all. When the young announcer did her thing, the FFDC was mentioned (and ME, as president - very exciting). The show itself was wonderfully choreographed by Bata, and it was great fun to see his beautiful daughters on stage, one of them being a lovely singer.

Andi Kapplin, Bata Marcetic and Terry Abrhams

Bata Marcetic Folk Dance Ensemble
Photos by Sara Osborn
After the show all were invited to the church for a dinner and dancing, and the entire Tampa group went. The dancing wasn't as exciting as we had hoped; they only did maybe two Serbian line dances. The rest was mostly a singer, albeit a good one, singing mostly Serbian songs, but not really danceable; but we met the PR guy of their troupe, many of the dancers up close and personal, and the food was good!
It was wonderful seeing Bata again. Since he is doing Atlanta's Rang Tang next spring, some of us are planning on going to it, as we loved his dances and him.