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Academy of serbian folk dancing association

” Miroslav Bata Marcetic”

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“Most of our audiences are surprised to discover that the folk extravaganza they are watching is not visiting, sponsored ensemble from Serbia but one that has been nurtured right here in Toronto, Canada.”

Why join the Academy?

We offer all inclusive

– First class dancing instruction
– First class vocal instruction
– First classic instrumental instruction
– First class stage presence and poise instruction
– Professional dance studios ( for representative ensembles)
– Instructions in Serbian
– Pleasant environment of creativity

Academy upholds creativity

– Original choreographies
– Original music arrangements
– Authentic vocal music
– Authentic costumes
– Professionally written shows



“I will always remember my first encounter with the Academy (of Serbian Folk Dancing). It was only half-way into the dance practice that I attended that I was teary-eyed and sending text messages to all my friends; former and current dancers in Serbia, writing, “People, this is absolutely astonishing! In faraway Canada, our children dance better and with more heart than we ever have! And they learned everything from just one man – our Bata Marcetic! ”

Ivan Bosiljcic | Renowned Serbian theater, firm and television actor

“Congratulations for the many years of excellence in dance, song, costuming, and teaching communities the beautiful culture of Serbia.  The performances you produce are a true pleasure to watch.  The Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing Association will always have a special place in our hearts here in Texas.

Love always,”

Nelda Guerrero Drury | Founder of the 60th annual San Antonio Folk Dance Festival and the San Antonio College Folk Dance Performing Group

“As a close friend of the Marcetic family, I had the honor and pleasure to perform with the Academy (of Serbian Folk Dancing) ensemble in Toronto. After each encounter with them, my heart was twice as big – for our friendship, for our children, for our country. Fortunate are the young generations who have Bata Marcetic as their teacher of tradition.”

Jelena Tomasevic-Bosiljcic | Renowned Serbian pop singer

“As the founder of the Academy (of Serbian Folk Dancing), Bata Marcetic is a key figure in the Serbian folklore scene of North America. The extensive experience he gained in the professional ensemble, “KOLO”, has translated into his artful Academy team through which he directs generations of young people towards the beauty of traditional music, song and dance. His unique pedagogical approach, love of people, and his dedication to Serbian culture bring forth his creation of an imposing representative ensemble. For this reason, the Academy is an institution of culture that educates, promotes and transmits the highest of human values through sound and movement.”

Dr. Sanja Rankovic | Ethnomusicologist; assistant professor in the Department of Ethnomusicology at the Faculty of Music and Art in Belgrade



Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing Association

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